Saturday, May 13, 2006

Two extremes

 If you are coming to hypnotherapy it is really helpful if you can describe your feelings or your problem. I had an example of this recently when I saw two people with similar  problems, one was really good at describing how he felt, the other was more difficult to help because he couldn't seem to descibe his feelings at all .
Has anyone else had experiences like this?

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 I have seen many people lately for alcohol dependancy. It is very encouraging to know most have been successful.

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My daughter has had her baby

 My daughter had her baby 4 weeks ago. Although she had an emergency caesarian,  the hypnotherapy sessions I had given her helped to keep her calm in the hours leading up to the delivery. So it all worked out very well.

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Google ad words

 Has anyone else had problems with Google ad words? I have found it a confusing maze. I do seem to be getting clicks but I don't seem to be able to see my own ad! I have try to find out why, but so far no explanation.
I will have to investigate further!

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