Monday, October 16, 2006

My family and hypnotherapy

 My grandaughter is 6 months old now and getting really cute. I was talking to my daughter the other day and she was saying how the hypnotherapy  I gave her in pregnancy did keep her very calm during the childbirth experience. She certainly has no worries about having another baby, which is good. She is generally a calm person, very mentally strong as well.

My son is a very different character,  what I call highly strung! He's an artist and when things in his life are going well he's on top of the world, but when life is difficult he gets really worried and down. It was his wife who told me this, and it's difficult for her at times.
When I go and see him in a week or two I am going to give him some therapy. I will do some ego stregthening and suggestion for having faith that everything will be OK. He is looking forward to this.

I have also recently helped my niece to give up smoking. She is 27 and had been wanting to give up for a long time. It has been successful,  she is very happy

Doctors rarely treat their own family but with hypnotherapy it seems fine to do this. I don't usually suggest it but wait for them to ask.

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