Saturday, May 13, 2006

Two extremes

 If you are coming to hypnotherapy it is really helpful if you can describe your feelings or your problem. I had an example of this recently when I saw two people with similar  problems, one was really good at describing how he felt, the other was more difficult to help because he couldn't seem to descibe his feelings at all .
Has anyone else had experiences like this?

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Milton and Virginia based their studies on this and representation systems. It is not the clients responsibility to describe the issue with feelings. It is our job to understand what needs to happen to make the change and what will be different. I have several clients that do not know what the feelings are but they do know what needs to change to allow them to know they are successful. Depression can be described as a pain in the chest or for a visual person it is that they just are not as tall. They want to stand taller and open up. Great question - Michael

Posted by Doc Magi  at 9/7/2006

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