Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stage hypnosis is not therapy!

I received an email from a rather confused person who asked me if she should see a stage hypnotist rather than a hypnotherapist for an anxiety problem, as she thought it would be cheaper because it would work instantly!

I think this person is misled if she thinks being on stage will give her any kind of benefit, as all the audience wants is trivial amusement at the expense of the person on stage. It would be like being thrown to the lions!

I would like to think this email was a joke, but unfortunately I don't think so!

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I am delighted you hihlighted this issue in your blog. So much damage can potentially be done by these stage entertainers, many of whom have received no formal training in clinical hypnotherapy. It's an awful pity they are called "hypnotists" because it does tend to cause the general public confusion as to who to go to see. The easiest thing to do would be to call them "mentalists" or something like that - at least it would distinguish them from professional clinical hypnotherapists like us. Well done for highlighting this!

Posted by Access Hypnotherapy Clinic  at 10/19/2009

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