Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Am Now Living Permanently in the UK

 I have been away from this site for a long time, tending to
real life things.  I am happy to announce that I have been
granted permission to live in the United Kingdom on a
permanent basis.

What this means for my practice, is that I need never have to
consider changing the practice name or location again, a big

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Where to find Hypno-Systems UK on the Web


I know I have basically sprung up from nowhere; this is because I am beginning a hypnosis practice from scratch in a brand new country of residence.

I was certified as a C.Ht in Dec, 1984.  At that point in time, I was a bit
too busy raising four children to go into practice.  By the time the last child
left the nest, there was both a market glut in my home city of Chicago, and
a change in attitude in the field of hypnosis on a major scale.

State after state in the US was changing the law as far as hypnotic practice went.  Illinois itself had a narrow escape from a rider bill that would have required all clinical hypnosis practitioners to both obtain two degrees in healthcare related fields, then serve a two to three year non-paid internship under an established hypnotic healthcare practitioner after certification for hypnosis before being allowed solo practice rights.

New York allows no one to call what they are doing "hypnotherapy", unless the person is a licensed healthcare providor.  Indiana only allows
issue-resolution hypnotism to be practiced in the state if the practitioner was trained by an Indiana board-approved and licensed school.  The problem with this is...there are no such schools approved or licensed by the state of Indiana!

If there is a board licensed psychologist or Licenced Clinical Social Worker in practice of hypnotism in the same neighborhood as a lay certified hypnotist, that layman's practice will automatically go begging unless he or she established themself first.  The layman might as well in
such a case move his practice to a new neighborhood.

In the face of these obstacles, when I remarried and my husband asked
where we were going to live...Chicago or England, I immediately said,
"England of course"!  With a more open market, I saw opportunity
knocking hard.

You may find Hypno-Systems UK at the following Web address:


I hope my readers enjoy this blog.  I admit to being opinionated and not being afraid to state those opinions; they are only placed here to give one
practitioner's view of the state of hypnosis today.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What is a Blog?

Blog is short for weblog.  Although the actual word weblog seems to me to be pretty short as it is, the Internet, in it's infinite wisdom, has taken to shorting it to Blog, we suppose this is to save space.  By whatever name you call it Blogging has become one of the fastest growing areas on the Internet today.  

One of the best things about blogging is that you can present ideas, concepts, situations or hypothetical ones about anything and then open it up to comments from your readers and visitors.  Often you may find that the comments offered by your readers will provide more value and insight into the topic.  Sometimes they prove you right or perhaps offer up an opinion in opposition, but either way it is a value added to your original blog post.

Another advantage of the Blog format is to have a place where you can post your in-depth articles and comments and then simply link back to them from other forums, newsgroups and online groups.  This makes posting into other areas a breeze as you can simply post links back to your supporting written words. 

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