Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Operative Mechanism of Hypnotism Pt 2

 From "as one thinks, so will one be", we approach "change your thinking, and your state of being itself will change".

Back to our cancer patients. Patient B having received the attitudinal message from his doctor that "there is little or no hope", may well decide within himself that this is indeed true.

His immediate future path may include putting his affairs in order, informing relations and friends that he has little time left to him, then possibly indulging himself in all the things he feels he has missed in his life. After all, in his thinking he now has nothing left to lose.

But what is happening in his body at this point? My personal theory (and it is just that; a theory...please do not take this for gospel truth unless it is proven true in future), is that the inner mind receives this "I give up" message, and electrochemically it is passed to the cancer cells themselves as: "be fruitful and multiply without restraint, as there will be nothing to stop you". Therefore the malignancy may accelerate beyond its normal rate of growth.

Patient A, having received the attitudinal message that "there are ways to fight this", will decide that he is NOT giving up without a fight, the inner mind receives this message as well, and (again in theory) the inner mind passes this message electrochemically to the invading malignancy, potentially slowing the growth rate of cancer cells.

Patient B was normal in his thinking until his physician's attitude altered his thought path in a negative fashion. Patient A had a normal thought path that was altered in a positive fashion and direction.

Inner thought can therefore be literally a matter of life or death...?

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