Sunday, January 29, 2006

Branding of a Hypnosis Practice?

 I wonder if any of the members who blog here have gone so far as to place a recognizable brand to their hypnosis practice via registration of a US trademark or service mark? or if in practice in another country, through such registration at the Designs and Patents office of one's own


Posted by Lynn Jensen-Worthington at 10:18:54 AM in Hypnosis News and Opinions (5) | Comments (2)


The question is why would we want to I guess. I have a corporation and it is registered so no-one can use the name. I guess my question would be what really is the benefit of you owning the name hypnogoddess unless you are doing something with it commercially. How much did it cost you to get the trademark?

Posted by Doc Magi  at 2/25/2006

Hi Doc... It cost me about $375.00 to get the service mark. This was after an Examiner's Amendment. I did it pro se, which turned out to be a lot cheaper than hiring a TM laywer. Also by doing the branding in this way, rather than founding a one-person corporation, I save yearly fees; as a Service Mark only has to be renewed every ten years. I call my partnered practice Hypno-Systems UK, and the hypnotherapeutic services I provide on my own HYPNOGODDESS Services, you yes I am doing something commercial with the name.

Posted by Hypno-Systems UK  at 2/26/2006

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