Thursday, June 22, 2006

Training Opportunity - Stage Hypnosis

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 Hello, my name is Gil Boyne and I am the Exec. Director of the

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Now, I am sponsoring the Canadian Stage Hypnotist, Attila.

He has been a professional Stage Hypnotist for twenty seven years

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have invited him to come to Glendale, California to pass on his

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I have studied several DVDs of Attila's shows and have watched him

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for full details and registration for full details and registration

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

At Work

Greetings!  It's Sunday AM, in glorious sunny San Diego, California. I'm at work today, doing some editing on a book I've written, and getting in very early (6:30am) on a Sunday morning I had a chance to see exactly how adorable and special the street I work on really, and truly is. So, I've chosen to write about the sweet little street I work on, here in Escondido. Grand Avenue.

Grand avenue has been here forever, it seems. I've seen historic, old photographs of Escondido (from 1888), and Grand ave. has always been the main thoroughfare. In the photos are horses, and horse drawn buggies, dirt roads, and women with long skirts and bonnets. In those old pictures the street is bustling with people, busy with activity.

Today, Grand avenue is as active as ever! This charming street runs through the center of our artistic community, Escondido. It's lined by pretty trees (with Christmas lights, for that enchanting touch), and flowers. The fortunate businesses with Grand Avenue addresses include progressive museums, elegant restaurants (including a delightful, authentic french bakery which makes the bestest almond croissants and greek salads), health & beauty spas, and cozy, perfume smelling boutiques. Up a block from my office is a reptile shop, where you can buy gorgeous lizards, turtles, frogs, and snakes, and across the street is a noisy bird shop where you can let a colorful, squaky parrot sit on your arm. (I have. Had a parrot sit on my arm, that is, not bought a lizard!) Deliciously, you can get all different flavors of non-fat frozen yogurt at the yogurt shop near the corner. Even Chocolate-Mint.Yummy!

There are street speakers that play holiday music during Christmastime, and on Friday evenings, it's Cruising Grand night, when a sidewalk DJ plays oldies music from the fifties, while classic car owners proudly exhibit their awesome, beloved chrome and steel buddies. Some of those cars belong to the original owners, while some are like grandfather-cars to the twenty-something year old boys holding the pinks. On Tuesdays, we have a farmer's market, on Grand, where local farmers bring their fresh avocados, apricots, berries, melons, oranges, and all, while we also have sellers with honey, sweet popcorn (I forget what it's called - Kettle Corn, I think it's called), home-baked bread,  fresh roasted peanuts in the shell, fresh hummus and pita bread...and so much more.

In spite of the hustle and bustle, the people here are all-smiles friendly, and there's a cheery country town feeling in the air - whether summer, fall, winter, or spring. Besides being home to a major California performing arts center, Escondido is also an agricultural center, with lots of citrus and avocado growers. Lots of cowboys, too. I personally know a retired rodeo star that lives over yonder. The people here are special. Fashionable, art-appreciating, kind, earthy, down home people. Many of them natives - born and raised here in Escondido. Guess it's the kind of town you never want to leave. Why would anyone want to leave? We have the beach, mountains, lakes, desert - excellent climate. We have a very charming main street like Grand Avenue, and real French almond croissants. We have it all.

Well, there's much more. Me. I'm here, too. And I'll tell you honestly, I wouldn't want to work anywhere else. Except, maybe on the beach in Fiji. Yup. That would be good. Maybe 6 months here, and 6 months in Fiji! Well, got to get back to editing!  Till later! Gina

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Thursday, June 15, 2006


I respect dreams. Many people, most I imagine, take them for granted.  And yet, dreams are so real. And come in different varieties.   They can be in bright living color. Or black and white. The dreamer can be themselves in the dream, or someone else, yet recognize that they are another person. The dream can be filled with lots of detail, or simply a fleeting, vague image, like a corner of a photograph. A dreamer can be in the midst of friends they know in waking life, or hanging out with 'friends' they know in the dreamstate only. There are recurring dreams, fantasy dreams, prophetic dreams. There are scary dreams, that you can't wait to wake up from, and dreams so lovely and fulfilling you want to remain inside them forever. Some dreams are commonly occuring. There's the bathroom dream, where the dreamer needs to use the toilet and can't find a suitable one. Snakes are a common theme, as are swamps, quicksand, teeth falling out, falling, flying, being nude in public, being chased, trying unsuccessfully to call 911 emergency. Being with deceased people and realizing in the dream that uhm, "didn't this person die?" and that, "well, this must be happening before they die..." is also a common dream. By the way, when the dreamer realizes they are in a dream, and can have some influence on how that dream goes, it's called "lucid" dreaming.

Sometimes, when I have a client come to me with some hesitancy to tackle their problems, or maybe not even aware of where to start,  I ask them about their dreams. If they are a good dreamer, and had one the night before our meeting, then we go about deciphering it. It's a good, non-threatening way to start uncovering what is going on with them presently. You see, this is how it goes: the client knows consciously they are coming to see me tomorrow. Their unconscious knows this is a good time to surface whatever needs to be worked on. The subconscious works in terms of pictures, symbols, and images. Hence, a dream occurs. That is, the amazing unconscious puts together a wonderful story in the form of a movie (pictures, symbols, and images) to get a message across. What we get to do is read, like hierogyphics, if you will, the symbols. The client is generally left in awe of his/her own mental workings - even when "asleep"!

I'll give a case history. I have a client who is losing weight. She has lost a lot of weight, and her body is changing.  Well, she runs around her life pretending everything is fine and dandy, except lately she has found herself self-sabotaging her weight loss habits. She's been making some poor choices, and her knee has started hurting, so she can't get to the gym as much anymore...This is her dream: She's swimming in a canal, specifically for exercise, when she finds herself being pulled underneath. She makes it out of the water, and is then walking in a desert. She realizes she's wearing a pretty, billowing skirt, but something is hampering her stride. She's annoyed to find there's a snake underneath her skirt. (Though annoyed with the snake, she's not really scared of it.)

Well, you don't have to search deep. It's pretty clear. This is when I asked about her sex life. Come to find out, as a result of her body becoming more physically attractive, her husband wants more sex. However, all is not well between them. She harbors some resentment towards him, because of some issues they've had, and she would rather sleep on the couch than face his advances. She is not one to speak of her sex life, but her dreams were saying, "look you need to handle this sex thing because it's affecting your desire to lose weight and become more attractive.'" Since we uncovered the dream-counsel (I just made that up, but that's what our subconscious minds do when we dream, counsel us) she has been super-focused on her weight loss goals, and quite frankly, I've never seen her as committed to the process as she is now. Yippeee!   Till later ~ Gina


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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dream Study & Politics

Before I post the interesting article about this study, I want to add my own interesting opinion. The article is about politically conservative people having more bad dreams than those more liberal.

My own values tend to be in more alignment with Democrats than Republicans, and I rarely have nightmares. My dreams are often of flying, meeting with and exploring "foreign" lands with people I don't know in waking life, sailing on luxury liners, walking through marvelous green forests...stuff like this. Really. I tend fall into the realm of left dreamers. What I want to address is this particular part of the article:

Scenario II:The dreams of people on the political right reveal them to be highly attuned to the actual dangers and threats of the waking world.  These people are realistic, grounded, honest about the frailties of human nature in the face of danger, and appreciative of the good things in present-day life. By contrast, the dreams of people on the political left show them to be irrational, naïve, utopian, and deluded by their own fantasies. These people are out of touch with the real world, and they wish for powers they do not have in actuality. (Bulkeley, 2001)

First of all, as a "left dreamer" I want to say that I am VERY aware of the dangers of the world. I'd have to be deaf, blind, crippled, and insane to NOT know our personal liberties are endangered these days. In fact, the "lefter" the person, the more aware of big-picture danger they seem to be. Take abortion, for example. Left people are not particularly FOR mother's murdering their unborn, but they are against illegal, back- alley, clothes-hanger abortions, that put young, unthinking girls at risk for dying. They see the BIG-PICTURE of right to choose. Now don't get me wrong, I personally am against abortion - except in cases where a mother's life is at risk. But I'm not a lawmaker. Lawmakers have to see the big-pictures, and make laws based on the masses, not just their personal opinions. But that's another story. We left thinkers are in no way naive. But perhaps we are optimists. Perhaps we have earned the right to look for the gold, by overcoming our own personal challenges from within, and with a little help from family. Blood family, or friends that are as good as family. Do I long for powers I don't have in actuality? Like flying? Ha. I can fly. In fact, I recently returned from Europe. I "flew" there. What powers do we not have? We are very powerful, we humans. Do I want to see through walls? Climb buildings with a single bound? Well, metaphorically speaking, we do those things when we move out of the crud, and into more hopeful places. That's all I want to say. Here's the article.

Why do Conservatives have more Nightmares?

You may have seen the headline - "Republicans have more Nightmares than Democrats."   The study by Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D. was presented at the conference of the Association for the Study of Dreams, held at the University of California, Santa Cruz in July of 2001.  He didn't set out to study nightmares.  His study simply looked at male and female college students who strongly identified themselves as either liberal (left) or conservative (right), and analyzed many different characteristics of their dreams.

Bulkeley collected "recent dream reports" from over 400 college students between 1996 and 2001.  The students provided information about their political views as a part of a survey that asked several different questions about political beliefs.  Most college students did not identify a strong affiliation with any political ideology, but some did.  Bulkeley wanted to study the dreams of equal numbers of male conservatives, female conservatives, male liberals, and female liberals.  Only 14 males identified themselves as conservatives, so 14 students from each of the other groups were randomly chosen for the study.  Dreams were "coded using the Hall and Van de Castle content analysis categories for characters, social interactions, emotions, settings, misfortunes, and good fortunes."  Bulkeley further notes that "each dream was coded by myself and one or two additional researchers who were blind to the political affiliation of the dreamers and the overall purpose of the study."

Here are some of the results that did not make the headlines:

  • People on the left were more likely to have females as characters in their dreams, while people on the right dreamed twice as much about male characters as about female characters.
  • People on the left had fewer familiar characters, fewer friends, more family members, and fewer animals; people on the right had more familiar characters, more friends, fewer family members, and more animals.
  • People on the left were less often the initiator of aggressive interactions in their dreams, and their aggression was less physical in nature; people on the right were more often the aggressors in their dreams, and their aggression was more often physical.
  • People on the left had a greater number of dreams involving friendliness and good fortune, and fewer dreams involving misfortune; people on the right had a greater number of dreams with misfortunes, and fewer dreams with friendliness and good fortune.
  • Male rights had the lowest percentage of family members and instances of sexuality, and the highest percentage of animal characters and being the aggressor.
  • Male lefts had the highest frequency of female characters, and the fewest instances of aggression.
  • Female lefts had the lowest percentage of being the aggressor in their dreams, and the highest frequency of friendliness and good fortunes.
  • Female rights had the highest frequency of sexual interactions and physical aggression. (Bulkeley, 2001)

Bulkeley goes on to summarize his results in the following manner:

People on the right had more nightmares and dreams in which they lacked power. They had a greater frequency of lifelike dreams. Female rights were especially anxious about family relationships, and male rights had dreams almost devoid of girlfriends. People on the left had fewer nightmares and more dreams in which they had power. They had a greater frequency of good fortunes and bizarre elements in their dreams. Female lefts had an especially high frequency of good fortunes, and male lefts had an unusually high percentage of female characters. (Bulkeley, 2001)

This is a pilot study that needs to be replicated with a larger sample before we can draw any real conclusions.  Bulkeley was constrained by the small number of conservative males in his sample, and he presents his results without the benefit of statistics.  He is cautious about trying to explain the results, and he acknowledges that his own political views may color his interpretation.  He reports being surprised that party officials felt the need to comment on his study.  

Bulkeley speculated on the reasons for his results in his original paper.   He offered two very different scenarios that would both account for his data.  He speculates that both interpretations probably have some merit. 

Scenario I:The dreams of the people on the political right reveal them to be insecure, anxious, conflict-ridden, and emotionally repressed. When they are not terrified of imaginary threats they cling to the comforts of the status quo. They seek a kind of power through their political views that they lack within their deeper selves. By contrast, the dreams of people on the political left show them to be creative, progressive, and imaginative. They are confident in their abilities and willing to think beyond the boundaries of the present to envision new possibilities for the future.  (Bulkeley, 2001)

Scenario II:The dreams of people on the political right reveal them to be highly attuned to the actual dangers and threats of the waking world.  These people are realistic, grounded, honest about the frailties of human nature in the face of danger, and appreciative of the good things in present-day life. By contrast, the dreams of people on the political left show them to be irrational, naïve, utopian, and deluded by their own fantasies. These people are out of touch with the real world, and they wish for powers they do not have in actuality. (Bulkeley, 2001)

Since the press reported the 'nightmare' portion of the study many different people have reacted to the results.  Bulkeley recently reported the following reactions to his study:

To my surprise and amusement, this little research factoid—“Republicans have more nightmares than Democrats”—was quickly seized by political partisans on both sides who did not hesitate to assert their interpretation of my findings.  Terry McAuliffe, Democratic National Committee chairman [left], declared “If George W. Bush were the leader of my party, I’d have trouble sleeping at night, too.” Not to be outdone in the game of “dream spinning,” Kevin Sheridan of the Republican National Committee [right] quickly replied, “What do you expect after eight years of William Jefferson Clinton?” The reaction was not limited to politicians in the U.S.: Alexa McDonough, leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party (on the left side of the political spectrum), said she was not surprised by the findings of my study because true liberals follow their dreams to find creative solutions for problems: “The very essence of building a better world starts with dreaming…. Until we get politics being about chasing dreams again, we’re going to be causing people a lot of nightmares, and we’re mostly going to be implementing right-wing nightmares.” (Bulkeley, 2001, personal communication). 

It's important that we see this study for what it is - an interesting pilot study that suggests some surprising relationships between political ideology and dreams.  It makes some sense to me that the worldviews of conservatives and liberals would result in differences in their dreams.  It is also possible that the findings of this study are random occurrences - that these only represent the odd dreams of this particular set of people.  Until the appropriate statistics can be used on a larger sample, we can't interpret these results beyond these particular 56 people. 

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This past weekend I spent over an hour composing a massive, heartfelt blog to post here, but much to my dismay (much, much, much to my dismay and horror - causing me much pain and lament) it never showed up.

Well, I'm about to spend my precious time writing another blog now, and so this is a test to make sure it's going to show up. Wish me luck ~ Gina

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