Friday, June 30, 2006

Making A Difference...

1994. That's when I went through my training. That's 12 (count-em) 12 years ago. Let me recall the days. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I was working in social services Mon - Fri, pretty much nine to five. I liked my job, working with people with disabilities. Loved the clients, loved the independence as far as making my own schedule, loved being a positive and contributing employee of my company. Loved my company's directors and my co-workers. My company was known for hiring the creme de la creme - which says a lot about me - grin - as well as them. Our disabled clients led more fulfilling lives thanks to the lot of us. In a nutshell, we made sure our clients were healthy, managing their finances, making educated choices, and having some fun. Every Christmas we had a huge client Christmas party, every summer we had a huge beach party BBQ. Every Easter we had a huge egg-hunt for our clients' kids.  On Fridays we had staff meetings, and meeting with clients throughout the week was generally something looked forward to by all parties. For me going to work was going to a happy place, most of the time...most of the time. The hard thing about my work though, was very hard on me. And that was having to work with certain other social workers (I won't mention names - Sybil, Dan, Mildred...) that held undue power in their hands to either empower or destroy families, and yes, MOST were there to empower, but there were a few whimsical types that just depended on their mood as to what they would pull at any given  moment. And yes, I have to give credit where credit is due, that many of the bad ones would eventually get...well let's just call it "moved on". Nonetheless, I guess I saw one abusive social worker too many. Having studied some psychology and finding out about hypnosis, well, I realized the population I needed to work with in order to REALLY make a difference were the unhappy, insecure people making the less fortunate people miserable.

Going to hypnosis class at the end of the work day (Thursday and Friday evenings) and on weekends (all day) was the highlight of my life! Listening to Jim and Patty teach about creating personal transformation was totally amazing. They taught us hypnosis techniques to move people beyond the day to day garbage chatter, you now, those inner voices of fear and doubt (you're not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, you're not worth it, no one really loves you - how could they...)  We learned to use certain techniques for assisting people to stretch past their comfort zones, into bigger opportunities. We learned a variety of hypnotic measures to motivate, even drive people to persist in their loftiest goals. That's especially important in getting past a plateau - and I don't care what a human is striving for, in the quest for excellence - be it tennis, weight loss, salesmanship, whatever - there will always be plateaus to work through. Well, we learned and practiced many powerful, fascinating techniques in class. We learned how to, well to quote the master, Mr. Gil Boyne, we learned to, "Get into the ring with the Client, and help them fight the devil."

Utterly amazing. Utterly fascinating. I loved that class. And I love this work. My clients tell me since they are less stressed out, they are getting along much better with their families, friends, and co-workers. And hopefully their less fortunate clients as well!

Till later, Gina

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Welcome to my new Hypnosis Blog

You can expect to see some written activity in here fairly soon. 

The following entries are just some placeholder text set up as the default so the blog is not empty.  The new owner will be in shortly to edit these and enter their own text and comments.  Until then you will see this text. 

A special thanks to everyone who helped out to make this Blogosphere a reality.  Take a look at our credits page for the low down on all that. 

I have automated the sign up form for new blog requests.  If you are a Hypnosis Professional, advanced or just starting out, I invite you to sign up and use the new HypnoBlog web site as your own.  You can find out more about that here.   

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