Sunday, June 18, 2006

At Work

Greetings!  It's Sunday AM, in glorious sunny San Diego, California. I'm at work today, doing some editing on a book I've written, and getting in very early (6:30am) on a Sunday morning I had a chance to see exactly how adorable and special the street I work on really, and truly is. So, I've chosen to write about the sweet little street I work on, here in Escondido. Grand Avenue.

Grand avenue has been here forever, it seems. I've seen historic, old photographs of Escondido (from 1888), and Grand ave. has always been the main thoroughfare. In the photos are horses, and horse drawn buggies, dirt roads, and women with long skirts and bonnets. In those old pictures the street is bustling with people, busy with activity.

Today, Grand avenue is as active as ever! This charming street runs through the center of our artistic community, Escondido. It's lined by pretty trees (with Christmas lights, for that enchanting touch), and flowers. The fortunate businesses with Grand Avenue addresses include progressive museums, elegant restaurants (including a delightful, authentic french bakery which makes the bestest almond croissants and greek salads), health & beauty spas, and cozy, perfume smelling boutiques. Up a block from my office is a reptile shop, where you can buy gorgeous lizards, turtles, frogs, and snakes, and across the street is a noisy bird shop where you can let a colorful, squaky parrot sit on your arm. (I have. Had a parrot sit on my arm, that is, not bought a lizard!) Deliciously, you can get all different flavors of non-fat frozen yogurt at the yogurt shop near the corner. Even Chocolate-Mint.Yummy!

There are street speakers that play holiday music during Christmastime, and on Friday evenings, it's Cruising Grand night, when a sidewalk DJ plays oldies music from the fifties, while classic car owners proudly exhibit their awesome, beloved chrome and steel buddies. Some of those cars belong to the original owners, while some are like grandfather-cars to the twenty-something year old boys holding the pinks. On Tuesdays, we have a farmer's market, on Grand, where local farmers bring their fresh avocados, apricots, berries, melons, oranges, and all, while we also have sellers with honey, sweet popcorn (I forget what it's called - Kettle Corn, I think it's called), home-baked bread,  fresh roasted peanuts in the shell, fresh hummus and pita bread...and so much more.

In spite of the hustle and bustle, the people here are all-smiles friendly, and there's a cheery country town feeling in the air - whether summer, fall, winter, or spring. Besides being home to a major California performing arts center, Escondido is also an agricultural center, with lots of citrus and avocado growers. Lots of cowboys, too. I personally know a retired rodeo star that lives over yonder. The people here are special. Fashionable, art-appreciating, kind, earthy, down home people. Many of them natives - born and raised here in Escondido. Guess it's the kind of town you never want to leave. Why would anyone want to leave? We have the beach, mountains, lakes, desert - excellent climate. We have a very charming main street like Grand Avenue, and real French almond croissants. We have it all.

Well, there's much more. Me. I'm here, too. And I'll tell you honestly, I wouldn't want to work anywhere else. Except, maybe on the beach in Fiji. Yup. That would be good. Maybe 6 months here, and 6 months in Fiji! Well, got to get back to editing!  Till later! Gina

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