Thursday, June 22, 2006

Training Opportunity - Stage Hypnosis

GIL BOYNE Sponsors:
Stage Hypnotism Seminar Presented

by Attila,

Canada's Premiere Stage Hypnotist
(Assisted by Gil Boyne)

Are you ready For The Training Needed To Become

A Comedy Stage Hypnotist?

"Announcing A Stage Hypnosis Training Program That Gives You

the Skills, The Knowledge, And The Confidence You Need To Perform

An Outstanding Show of Genuine Comedy Hypnosis!"

 Hello, my name is Gil Boyne and I am the Exec. Director of the

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. As a former stage

hypnotist, I have trained many of America's top-rank performers

including Marshal Sylver, Justin Tranz, Michael Mesmer

and Mark Yuzik.

Now, I am sponsoring the Canadian Stage Hypnotist, Attila.

He has been a professional Stage Hypnotist for twenty seven years

and has performed in eight countries. He has been teaching this stage

hypnosis course annually in Edmonton, Canada for past ten years. I

have invited him to come to Glendale, California to pass on his

knowledge, skill and stage craft. Whether you are a professional

hypnotherapist or seeking an introduction into this best known

aspect of hypnosis, Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Master Class

answers all of these questions and more.

I have studied several DVDs of Attila's shows and have watched him

perform for more than 300 hypnotherapists at the International

Hypnotherapy Conference. I can assure you that by the time you

have completed the five-day stage hypnosis seminar and watched Attila

put it all into practice LIVE with a REAL show with a REAL audience,

you will have confidence in your ability to do the same.

for full details and registration for full details and registration

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