Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mission Statements

MY Mission Statement:
It is my mission as a hypnotherapist to assist human beings
in attaining independence from useless behavior systems
by upgrading them into passionately empowering systems
so they can play their game of life in such a self-satisfying way
that they engage every other human as a passionate player.
Why does a hypnotist need a mission statement?
On the commercial level, I can't tell you how many people have found their ways to me via google-searching the keywords "hypnosis mission statement."  Potential clients are finding me based on my willingness to define my core goal, and because first impressions are so important, I've taken the time to create one that inspires me, and just as importantly, people thinking about hiring  me to help move them into success, and joy.
I allude to a second purpose in the above paragraph, I've taken the time to create one that inspires me... Every morning I get out of bed and read my mission statement, and it wakes me up! It's more invigorating than coffee. More stabilizing than cement. Juicier to me than fresh, ripe, cold summer watermelon. In a flash, at a cellular level I recall the clients I've worked with who have a new possibility for life because they quit smoking, or lost weight, or stopped hating their mothers, or got over their fear of math, and I thank GOD for the work I get to do. And all that memory, all that inspiration, all those feelings get unleashed with a simple sentence about how I help people get more passionate about life, such that the people in their worlds are being inspired into more passionate living. A few English words to symbolize so much excitement in me that I get recharged. Yeah, my batteries get recharged and I'm off to fulfill my Mission Statement yet another day.
Seriously, get to work on your Mission Statement. Make it work for you. Have it describe what you stand for, what you promise to provide your clients, and how life will be different for them after you've been there. How will you know you've got it right? You'll stand back and read it over and over and it will taste like your truth.
Well, I have to get going. Time to go home and relax! Till soon!
Gina Fox

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