Tuesday, May 30, 2006

High School?

I got an email from a friend letting me know she also has started a blog. I suppose eventually everyone will have one. At least everyone who feels they want other people to hear their views on life.

I have an interesting thing going on in my life right now. Seems my childhood has come back to haunt me. It all started a few weeks ago when I found a website dedicated to keeping up on my old high school and old high school graduates. I got my email address added to their list. Since then, I have been contacted by two acquaintances from my childhood - one from elementary school, and one from jr. high. Hence, I find myself thinking about those old formative years. They say that our basic personality gets formed by the time we're eight or so. Both of these people have created successful lives for themselves, and I'm quite proud of them. One is a psychology professor, and the other owns a construction company.

I guess it's weird for me because even though I was someone who did very well in school, and was even on my high school newspaper, which I loved, I was so happy to not be in school that I refused to attend extracurricular activities. With the exception of a few basketball games, and the racquetball tournament - which I won first place in, my time was MY time, and I didn't want to spend it at school. I didn't even go to my high school graduation. (Nor college graduation for that matter.)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE learning. I am the eternal student. I just didn't care for the boundaries high school life perpetuates. The "box" other students try to put you in. Popular, reject, retarded, nerd, beauty queen, jock, brainiac. I refused to put a mere label on myself, and I wasn't about to hang around enough to let others put theirs on me. Label-s perhaps, but not one big, fat, all-purpose label. I'm still like that. I guess I don't believe life is black-and-white. We are an infinite combination of characteristics.  So darned if I was going to live six hours a day, monday thru friday inside someone elses limited perception of who I was. I guess I did to some extent, but it's like the saying goes, keep your mouth shut and you keep em guessing as to whether you're a fool, or a genius. Also, I'm into nonconformity. There's another saying in the world of writers, English professors make the most boring writers, unless they can learn to write outside of the rules. 

Schools tend to stifle unique thinking. Here's an example. I have a cousin about to graduate with her four-year degree. She was prone to colds and flus. For awhile she was guzzling green tea by the gallon, which she swore stimulated her immune system. "I haven't had a cold since drinking green tea," she told me last Christmas. At Easter I asked her if she was still drinking green tea. "Nah," she grimaced. "The latest research shows that there is no evidence green tea is useful to the immune system." I was like, WHAT???? You're going to believe the "latest research" when in your own life experience green tea was obviously beneficial??? Even if it was just placebo-effect - it was working for her. I say, whatever works, works! Well, I didn't say this stuff to her because the university has taught her that people like me are vegetarian, non-scientific, tree-hugging, new agers...what could we non-scientific believers possibly know?  Nevermind that they teach HYPNOTHERAPY at Yale and Harvard. She's still young. I HATE being labeled so narrowly. I hope someday she learns to think for herself.

 Well, it's not scientifically proven, but they say everything happens for a reason, in it's perfect timing. Funny thing is, it's actually in high school when I decided I was going to work in the realm of psychology. That was when I took my first psych class with Dr. Graff - an excellent teacher. Interesting that I started my blog, which is a reflection of my career, and the ghost of my career choice has come around to haunt me...Life is fascinating, isn't it! Till later...Gina


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