Thursday, June 15, 2006


I respect dreams. Many people, most I imagine, take them for granted.  And yet, dreams are so real. And come in different varieties.   They can be in bright living color. Or black and white. The dreamer can be themselves in the dream, or someone else, yet recognize that they are another person. The dream can be filled with lots of detail, or simply a fleeting, vague image, like a corner of a photograph. A dreamer can be in the midst of friends they know in waking life, or hanging out with 'friends' they know in the dreamstate only. There are recurring dreams, fantasy dreams, prophetic dreams. There are scary dreams, that you can't wait to wake up from, and dreams so lovely and fulfilling you want to remain inside them forever. Some dreams are commonly occuring. There's the bathroom dream, where the dreamer needs to use the toilet and can't find a suitable one. Snakes are a common theme, as are swamps, quicksand, teeth falling out, falling, flying, being nude in public, being chased, trying unsuccessfully to call 911 emergency. Being with deceased people and realizing in the dream that uhm, "didn't this person die?" and that, "well, this must be happening before they die..." is also a common dream. By the way, when the dreamer realizes they are in a dream, and can have some influence on how that dream goes, it's called "lucid" dreaming.

Sometimes, when I have a client come to me with some hesitancy to tackle their problems, or maybe not even aware of where to start,  I ask them about their dreams. If they are a good dreamer, and had one the night before our meeting, then we go about deciphering it. It's a good, non-threatening way to start uncovering what is going on with them presently. You see, this is how it goes: the client knows consciously they are coming to see me tomorrow. Their unconscious knows this is a good time to surface whatever needs to be worked on. The subconscious works in terms of pictures, symbols, and images. Hence, a dream occurs. That is, the amazing unconscious puts together a wonderful story in the form of a movie (pictures, symbols, and images) to get a message across. What we get to do is read, like hierogyphics, if you will, the symbols. The client is generally left in awe of his/her own mental workings - even when "asleep"!

I'll give a case history. I have a client who is losing weight. She has lost a lot of weight, and her body is changing.  Well, she runs around her life pretending everything is fine and dandy, except lately she has found herself self-sabotaging her weight loss habits. She's been making some poor choices, and her knee has started hurting, so she can't get to the gym as much anymore...This is her dream: She's swimming in a canal, specifically for exercise, when she finds herself being pulled underneath. She makes it out of the water, and is then walking in a desert. She realizes she's wearing a pretty, billowing skirt, but something is hampering her stride. She's annoyed to find there's a snake underneath her skirt. (Though annoyed with the snake, she's not really scared of it.)

Well, you don't have to search deep. It's pretty clear. This is when I asked about her sex life. Come to find out, as a result of her body becoming more physically attractive, her husband wants more sex. However, all is not well between them. She harbors some resentment towards him, because of some issues they've had, and she would rather sleep on the couch than face his advances. She is not one to speak of her sex life, but her dreams were saying, "look you need to handle this sex thing because it's affecting your desire to lose weight and become more attractive.'" Since we uncovered the dream-counsel (I just made that up, but that's what our subconscious minds do when we dream, counsel us) she has been super-focused on her weight loss goals, and quite frankly, I've never seen her as committed to the process as she is now. Yippeee!   Till later ~ Gina


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