Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Truth in Advertising

Stop Smoking with hypnosis!!

Loose weight with hypnosis!!!

The two sayings above are very common with Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist all over the world.  I have had the pleasure of reading quite a few claims on what hypnotism will cure lately and I have seen some people that make claims that in my view are wrong.

Can hypnotism stop you from smoking?  As a professional hypnotherapist I am supposed to tell you yes it can.  As a moral person which can at times get in the way of success I have to say that no hypnotism is not going to stop you from smoking if you want to smoke.  Hypnotism will not make you do something that you don't want to do.  This gives us another challenge then what if the client does not want to truely quit smoking?  Will hypnosis work then?  Sometimes it might because of the belief that hypnosis is so powerful that it forced the client to quit or provided them with a reason to quit.  In my opinion if the client does not want to quit smoking in the first place all I am doing is taking their money and allowing them to pretend that they tried to quit.  Notice the word tried already implies failure on both of our parts.  I do not try to do anything because I want to succeed, especially with the client.  In the end it is not me though that is the key to success it is the client that holds all the cards.

So what about all these claims that you can attend a traveling hypnotist's program for anywhere from $50 to $250 dollars and in 4 to 8 hours you will stop smoking or loose weight and it is guarenteed.  Well first let me say I have not heard of one person that was successful with these programs and the other thing is that I have never heard of a refund given either.  You can of course attend another session next time they come through town or get a certificate for some seminar.  If you want to loose weight, stop smoking and you are serious about it then go to a hypnotist that resides there.  Don't expect a money back guarentee either because honestly that guarentee could be that little incentive for you to fail in the end.  Remember that the hypnotist must provide you with positive tools to achieve your goal and if you are looking for ways to fail then don't bother going.  A refund is already a way to fail in my opinion because it is not that the hypnotist is not willing to provide one but to state that something is guarenteed and you get your money back is a negative reinforcement.  You need to understand that once you start the program there is no turning back.  You want to succeed and that is the only focus you should have.  If you concentrate on failure you will fail.  If you wonder if something will not work it will not work. 

For my peers that like to just take peoples money and pretend that they are providing a valuable service I say shame on you.  You can pretend that you have a valuable service but in the end we all know that you are a con artist.  I do appreciate what you do though because when you leave people look for a real hypnotherapist and my business climbs. 

For those that have already attended one of these seminars do not let the poor examples of hypnosis and hypnotherapy deter you.  Look for a hypnotherapist in your area and allow a properly trained and concerned hypnotist the chance to really help you.  After all you do deserve the right to succeed in getting what you want.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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How many of you have experienced stress, anxiety, worry, hate, anger or any other emotion that you did not really want to experience?  Actually you have never experienced an emotion that you did not really want to experience because you experienced it.  This might seem a little more confusing because does this mean that you choose to experience your emotions.  We all have emotions and it is a blessing to have these emotions as well.  Could you imagine if we did not have the emotions that we have?  Have you ever wished you did not have certain emotions? 
Here is the big question for some of you - Who controls your emotions?  Is there a way for other people to control your emotions really?  Who chooses to act or react to things to create the emotions?  So ask yourself what is it that I gain by reacting this way? 
Have you ever heard the saying that just makes me mad or upset?  Would it be better if the saying was that I choose to allow that to give me a reason to be mad or upset? What purpose would being upset provide to the person in the first place?  If you choose to be mad or upset what would be the purpose and is there a benefit to being mad or upset? 
I will let you in on a little secret that people do not want to know sometimes.  You are in control of every part of your life, really you are.  It is just easier sometimes for people to pretend that they are not in control so they can feel better about some of the decisions that they have made or what happened. You create every emotion that you have for a reason.  Make sure that the reason you created it is a positive one for you. So next time you are experiencing an emotion that you don't like ask yourself "Why am I creating this emotion and what purpose does it serve?". 
In the end we are responsible for our own emotions no matter how hard it is to admit.  Part of becoming that person you want to be in the end is taking back your emotions.
Mystically yours,
Doc Magi

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Anchoring both colapsing and installing are vital tools to use in both NLP and Hypnosis.  Many times a client can install negative anchors that can prevent them from enjoying certain parts of their life or can create stress when it is not necessary.  Just like certain songs can create thoughts and feelings other things can also trigger these same responses. The secret to both colapsing and installing a positive anchor is to repeat the anchor building on it each time.  I would never consider installing a positive anchor less than 3 times in order for it to be successful.  I would also make sure to fire the anchor after having it installed to make sure that it is working properly.  When colapsing an anchor do not set the negative anchor more than one time.  You might find that the negative anchor is very powerful so you might want to chain anchors to get them to the desired state.  When you fire both anchors at the same time do not be surprised to find your client going into a state of confusion.  This is expected.  Remember that anchors are a very powerful tool in anything that you are doing so make sure to use them effectively.  In relationships make sure to also anchor some good feelings somewhere special in order to provide your loved one with the benefit of some good feelings as well.  You never know when a good anchor is beneficial to both of you. I have also went as far as to anchor certain emotions.  M has really grown to respect the power of positive anchors and she has never complained once about the special abilities that anchors have provided.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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