Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What is the Mind?

So many times when it comes to describing the mind I find that people treat the mind as if it exists.  Fact number one is that their is nothing tangible about the mind. The mind is not the brain and the brain is not the mind. The mind is a term used to describe a process of creating thoughts. These thoughts then create energy and that energy then becomes tangible. So the mind is really a process to create thoughts and not a physical thing. This would explain the confusion to what actually constitutes the mind itself. Does the process of creating thoughts exist outside of your body and would that be considered instinct? Here is where we start to develop our own special beliefs between people. Have you ever felt like something was going to happen and it made you a little uneasy to have it happen? Have you ever thought about someone and then they call you? Considering that the thought process created this thought or feeling for some reason would you agree that the possibility of the mind existing outside our body could be a fact? In many cultures and religions the teaching of we are all connected is common. Could this also be true in the process of the mind?

You will also hear descriptions of conscious versus subconscious and unconscious as well. What is meant by these descriptions?

The conscious mind is anything that you are consciously aware of and paying attention to. You consciously make one decision at a time and you examine the information to make a logical decision hopefully. The conscious mind is limited in that you can only pay attention to a limited number of things at one time. In hypnosis we overload the conscious mind with paying attention to 7 things plus or minus two depending on the person. This is a confusion technique which just tires the conscious mind until it just says lets pretend and use our imagination because I  am overloaded at the minute.

The subconscious mind is the process that includes imagination and long term memory. All emotions and links to behaviour is stored in this subconscious process. Many people will use the term it is just who I am and I can not change. This is of course not true and you can change to become anything that you desire. The truth of the matter is that you were not always like this and you learned this behaviour or beliefs in the first place so now you just need to learn a different one.

The unconscious mind is the one that controls all automatic body functions. It pumps your heart, breaths when you are not paying attention to doing it yourself. Some people will combine the unconscious and the subconscious mind together to make it more powerful of a process.

The critical factor of the mind. When we were first born we did not have any critical factor or critical mind in our thought process. This meant that everything we seen and felt was stored as true. After a while we started to compare events to past events and started to label them. This process started to develop the critical mind. The purpose of the critical mind is to prevent bad information from going into our subsconscious mind. If what we are experiencing is in contradiction to our current beliefs we reject the information at our critical mind.

The purpose of hypnosis is to allow the critical mind to take a little break and to work with the limiting beliefs and decisions that our subconscious mind has stored. Effective hypnotists understand that we need to do this in a way that is still logical and makes sense to you in order for the programming to work. Many hypnotherapists still read scripts and use old fashioned trances to do this programming. Even these old techniques can provide a limited amount of success.

Magi Hypnosis uses no scripts. You develop what it is that will provide you with the success. The job of the hypnotherapist is not to come up with the answers but to guide you to do it. You already know what it is that you need. You just need to pay attention to it and then let us teach you how to do it. Success is different for everyone just like love is. My interpretation of love or success might not be the same as yours so lets allow you to experience your own success.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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