Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Emotional Freedom Techniques

We have been doing a lot of experimenting with Emotional Freedom Techiques or EFT for the past month now. At first sceptic would be an understatement to watching and reading the DVD's and manual. Then we did our first test which was a good one. Mardee suffers from extreme migraines so just out of fun she was just about ready to get sick from a migraine coming on and she tested it. The migraine did not appear and just seemed to vanish. Now take in mind that these are not headaches nor are they something that only happens every once in a while. These are medical diagnosed migraines in which she has to take a special medication that is put under her tongue in order to increase blood vessels and allow her to releave the migraine in an hour. Lately she has been having these every day for some time and they were getting worse so when this took away the pain and suffering we paid attention. We have also tested it on several different negative emotions and and PMS. The end result is that it works and you do not have to believe it. I have heard several people badmouth EFT and make fun of it but in the end any tool that can relieve a client of migraines or distress is a positive tool for me and my practice.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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