Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sales Rapport Training

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of doing a 2 hour Sales Rapport training for a Health Insurance Company here in Los Angeles. Yesterday I received an email from the Manager that hired me informing me that the sales team had a record week that week after the training and that his people are doing great. He recommended me to other companies as well.

It is always nice to hear that people benefit from what you develop and this is no acception.

If you are looking for a great training program for your teams that fits all occassions then I have the perfect program for you.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Local Radio Programs

We just signed a deal with the local radio station KHTS AM1220 to run 3 separate programs:

Bring your Relationship to a new level using Hypnosis and NLP.

Children and Hypnosis.

Sports Enhancement with Hypnosis.

This is something new and we just finished our initial tapping of the relationship show. It is very different talking to a big ole microphone in your face. I learned a lot and I will be more prepaired for our next one.

The recordings will be downloadable on the website and I will give you more information as it becomes available.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Results of Seminars

Free is not the answer to seminars and attracting people. After doing 8 seminars we made a few friends but for the most part we did not get the turn out that we were hoping for.

Lessons Learned:

1.  Charge a price because it is not the price that draws the crowd.

2.  Make your seminar titles catchy.

3.  Make sure to plan well in advance to allow for proper promotion. A month was not enough promotion time in the end.

4.  Small business' will be a great help. Vitamin shops and health food stores bring more advertisement than papers.

Last but not least make sure to have a lot of product to sell. Back of the room sales will help to make your seminar a big success. If you have questions about how to get more product just ask.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

June 3rd Free Seminars

In Santa Clarita the Magi Institute of Hypnosis will be conducting a full day of free seminars. This is to allow the residents the opportunity to learn more about alternative healthcare as well as get our name out there as a local resource for residents. This will be the first time we have agreed to give it away and the first time that I have ever seen a company provide a full day of seminars on different subjects to the public. I have seen two hours seminars or short lectures from fellow hypnotists but never a full day. I will let you all know how it turns out.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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