Wednesday, July 26, 2006

To Blog or Not to Blog

I am actually surprised that my peers have failed to take advantage of hypnoblog. I continue to see how many active bloggers there are and how many people sign up and do nothing with it. The fact that blogging allows people to communicate with several people at once easily should not be overlooked. I also do newsletters and other media but the blogs are the easiest.

I just got invited to blog for therapy times which is a lot more strict in your participation. Right now I maintain 4 blogs and to be completely honest 4 is a bit much.

For anyone reading this hypnoblog that is a hypnotist and does not blog I would recommend you start ASAP. Your clients will appreciate keeping in touch with you through your blog and it will allow people to stay connected with your business better.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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