Thursday, September 15, 2005

BioFeedback and Hypnosis

What is the connection between BioFeedback and Hypnosis some might ask. Well it is really quite simple to connect them. In BioFeedback you use an electronic device to measure the amount of relaxation the client or you are achieving. In hypnosis we want to aquire that relaxed state for our sessions so in order to show the client and the Hypnotist that they are reaching a deeper state of relaxation you can use a BioFeedback device. I currently use a GSR2 XTemp device that allows me to measure the stress levels of the client in a couple different ways. It has remote leads that I can attach to fingers or toes if I want and it can be heard or seen depending on how I want to use it. I like the leads and the visual meter because I can monitor the client pretty accurately if I need to. It has another lead which measures temp if I desire but I have not used that function yet because I like the galvanic skin resistance measurements better. Maybe I just lost you a little. See our body reacts to stress and tension in little ways that can be measured through your skin in what scientists call galvanic skin resistance.

This galvanic skin resistance, or GSR, is a reflection of variations in your sweat gland activity and pore size, both of which are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. When you become excited, frightened or disturbed to any degree, the system activates chemical and physical changes all through your body. Your GSR level also changes.

Your skin resistance increases when you are calm and relaxed. When you tense up even slightly, your skin resistence decreases. The GSR2 monitor allows me and the client to visually see these changes and to assist us in really reaching a deep state of relaxation for our hypnosis sessions. Sometimes it is just nice to see that changes are taking effect for the client and myself right then.

In BioFeedback they use relaxation techniques to reduce stress and to allow the client to make changes. In hypnosis we call this technique old slow as in it bores the client into relaxation by going through every part of the body and telling the client to relax and allow the tension to leave and just concentrate on your breathing. This is still an effective process even for hypnotist but some of us have used what we call a modified old slow or a quicker relaxation technique. The problem sometimes is that the hypnotist really does not know if this technique actually got the results that they were looking for. BioFeedback can assist you in identifying how successful a technique is in the end. The other thing it will assist is it allows the client to take more control in effecting the meter and they can see the change happening.

Anyway I believe the question was is Hypnosis and BioFeedback related in some way. The answer is yes it has to be related in a way. Can a BioFeedback help a Hypnotist in their profession - I believe the answer would be yes as well.

Remember we are in total control of our bodies if we want to accept that control. Every thought and every feeling has a physical response so make sure to have positive ones that provide us with positive responses and growth. If you have something bothering you then take the time and do something about it. If you keep going down a road that you do not want to travel then stop yourself and choose a different road. Take the time to become aware of the little things in your life and take off the auto pilot and start to enjoy the fact that you are a wonderful person full of many talents and gifts. Start to use them today and discover what life is really like.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Remain at Cause

So many times I see people blaming Bush or someone else for their issues.  The fastest way to roadblocks or depression is to give up control of your life.  The first thing you must always look at to solve any problem is yourself.  Looking outside of yourself is already admitting defeat and surrendering to your situation.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Why is Hypnosis better for Weight Loss

Out of all the programs for weight loss how come hypnosis works better?  The answer really is simple.  Most weight loss programs deal with food consumption and not the real reason for the weight loss.  They tell you the same thing eat less and loose weight.  I can tell you first hand that if it was that simple why is it that so many people have an issue with weight. It is not that simple in the end.  We all have our own reasons and hypnosis helps you to identify and resolve these areas.  True you do need to look at what you eat but you also need to look at why you eat and when you eat as well as why do you want to loose the weight.  If it is not a good reason why loose it in the first place. In the end Hypnosis is more than just comming into an office and having a hypnotist have you relax and tell you that you are going to loose weight.  You have to want to and you have to believe that you can. They  have to talk to you and you have to realize what it is that you need to do to become successful. If you ever have questions just email me at or visit my website at and I will always be happy to help answer your questions.  After all you have to like and understand what it is that is going to happen in order for it to work.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Hypnosis for Seniors

I have been getting asked if Hypnosis can work for seniors.  My answer is YES it can really improve the quality of life for Seniors.  First of all take a couple things into consideration.  When we get older sometimes we feel like we are forgetting things more often.  Hypnosis can assist in improving memory.  The other factor is during our later years things seem to change more than we like sometimes.  Change causes stress in a lot of people and we all know that Hypnosis can help in lowering stress.  There are many other areas that can assist like improving sleep, sports enhancement and increasing self confidence.  Some other great areas are taking self hypnosis classes now that they have a little more time.  Hypnosis is a great solution at a more than reasonable price in today's time for anyone.  So next time you are wondering what it is that Hypnosis can assist take a big challenge and try to find an area that hypnosis can not help improve the way of life for someone.  In the end if all I do is make you feel better about something did I not improve your way of life.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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