Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What is the Mind?

So many times when it comes to describing the mind I find that people treat the mind as if it exists.  Fact number one is that their is nothing tangible about the mind. The mind is not the brain and the brain is not the mind. The mind is a term used to describe a process of creating thoughts. These thoughts then create energy and that energy then becomes tangible. So the mind is really a process to create thoughts and not a physical thing. This would explain the confusion to what actually constitutes the mind itself. Does the process of creating thoughts exist outside of your body and would that be considered instinct? Here is where we start to develop our own special beliefs between people. Have you ever felt like something was going to happen and it made you a little uneasy to have it happen? Have you ever thought about someone and then they call you? Considering that the thought process created this thought or feeling for some reason would you agree that the possibility of the mind existing outside our body could be a fact? In many cultures and religions the teaching of we are all connected is common. Could this also be true in the process of the mind?

You will also hear descriptions of conscious versus subconscious and unconscious as well. What is meant by these descriptions?

The conscious mind is anything that you are consciously aware of and paying attention to. You consciously make one decision at a time and you examine the information to make a logical decision hopefully. The conscious mind is limited in that you can only pay attention to a limited number of things at one time. In hypnosis we overload the conscious mind with paying attention to 7 things plus or minus two depending on the person. This is a confusion technique which just tires the conscious mind until it just says lets pretend and use our imagination because I  am overloaded at the minute.

The subconscious mind is the process that includes imagination and long term memory. All emotions and links to behaviour is stored in this subconscious process. Many people will use the term it is just who I am and I can not change. This is of course not true and you can change to become anything that you desire. The truth of the matter is that you were not always like this and you learned this behaviour or beliefs in the first place so now you just need to learn a different one.

The unconscious mind is the one that controls all automatic body functions. It pumps your heart, breaths when you are not paying attention to doing it yourself. Some people will combine the unconscious and the subconscious mind together to make it more powerful of a process.

The critical factor of the mind. When we were first born we did not have any critical factor or critical mind in our thought process. This meant that everything we seen and felt was stored as true. After a while we started to compare events to past events and started to label them. This process started to develop the critical mind. The purpose of the critical mind is to prevent bad information from going into our subsconscious mind. If what we are experiencing is in contradiction to our current beliefs we reject the information at our critical mind.

The purpose of hypnosis is to allow the critical mind to take a little break and to work with the limiting beliefs and decisions that our subconscious mind has stored. Effective hypnotists understand that we need to do this in a way that is still logical and makes sense to you in order for the programming to work. Many hypnotherapists still read scripts and use old fashioned trances to do this programming. Even these old techniques can provide a limited amount of success.

Magi Hypnosis uses no scripts. You develop what it is that will provide you with the success. The job of the hypnotherapist is not to come up with the answers but to guide you to do it. You already know what it is that you need. You just need to pay attention to it and then let us teach you how to do it. Success is different for everyone just like love is. My interpretation of love or success might not be the same as yours so lets allow you to experience your own success.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

You Are Getting Sleepy ... and Pain Relief

08.08.06Article available online at:
Hypnotherapy seems to relieve severe chest pain that is not caused by a heart condition, known as non-cardiac chest pain, suggests a small study.Around a third of patients investigated for chest pain thought to be caused by coronary artery disease have no identifiable cause for their pain.Nevertheless they often continue to be severely incapacitated by it, despite reassurances that there is nothing to worry about. Young women seem to be particularly prone to the condition.The cause of non-cardiac chest pain is unknown, although several factors have been implicated, including acid reflux and psychological problems. The condition is notoriously difficult to treat.Researchers randomly divided 28 patients with the condition into two groups. One group received 12 sessions of hypnotherapy over 17 weeks; the other group was given "supportive therapy" plus a placebo.Of the 15 people treated with hypnotherapy, 80 percent reported significant pain relief, although there was no change in frequency of bouts of pain, compared with just three of the 13 people treated with supportive therapy and placebo.Hypnotherapy also significantly improved the sense of overall well-being and reduced the use of painkillers and other drugs prescribed to control the condition. By contrast, the group treated with supportive therapy increased their drug intake.Hypnotherapy did not affect levels of anxiety or depression, however, which remained the same as before.Brain scans of patients treated with hypnotherapy for other conditions show that it directly affects a region of the brain, which processes the emotional content of a painful stimulus. And hypnotherapy can also cut levels of gastric acid produced by the stomach.The authors acknowledge that hypnotherapy is labor intensive and expensive, but so are the many investigations and drugs given to patients with non-cardiac chest pain, they say. And previous research carried out by the same authors on patients with irritable bowel syndrome shows that most of them remain well in the long term, requiring far less medication and far fewer visits to their physicians.
Source: British Medical Journal
Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Do You Walk Your Talk

How many of you are Hypnotherapists? How many of you practice Self-Hypnosis Daily? How many of you plan your day as if it has already happened?

We talk to our clients and teach them the power of hypnosis and I am finding that my peers might teach it but less than 25% of them actually practice it themselves. Now you might find this amazing if you are practicing Self Hypnosis. You might find this to be true if you are not because several times I have had peers tell me that they practice their own form of self-hypnosis that is a form of waking hypnosis. If our clients were to tell us that they just tell themself positive things during the day would we accept that as self-hypnosis or a desire to succeed? I would say from my end probably not.

If you want to become better at hypnosis and working with clients then get better with your own results. Every morning start off your morning with imagery of how your day is going to go and I love using a time-line to install things. Every night release your negative emotions and gain your learnings with self hypnosis.

In the end you have the tools to make great changes in your own life as well as others. The fool in my opinion is the one that does not practice what they preach in the end.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

IHF Conference

I just finished presenting at the International Hypnosis Federation's annual conference and it was a great time. This year I was fortunate to receive two honors:

2006 IHF Award of Excellence in Communication
2006 IHF Angel Award

I enjoyed meeting peers from all over the world and sharing ideas, thoughts and phone numbers :-).

Alternative Healthcare is growing and I am excited about what the future will bring.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

To Blog or Not to Blog

I am actually surprised that my peers have failed to take advantage of hypnoblog. I continue to see how many active bloggers there are and how many people sign up and do nothing with it. The fact that blogging allows people to communicate with several people at once easily should not be overlooked. I also do newsletters and other media but the blogs are the easiest.

I just got invited to blog for therapy times which is a lot more strict in your participation. Right now I maintain 4 blogs and to be completely honest 4 is a bit much.

For anyone reading this hypnoblog that is a hypnotist and does not blog I would recommend you start ASAP. Your clients will appreciate keeping in touch with you through your blog and it will allow people to stay connected with your business better.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Local Radio Programs

We just signed a deal with the local radio station KHTS AM1220 to run 3 separate programs:

Bring your Relationship to a new level using Hypnosis and NLP.

Children and Hypnosis.

Sports Enhancement with Hypnosis.

This is something new and we just finished our initial tapping of the relationship show. It is very different talking to a big ole microphone in your face. I learned a lot and I will be more prepaired for our next one.

The recordings will be downloadable on the website and I will give you more information as it becomes available.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Results of Seminars

Free is not the answer to seminars and attracting people. After doing 8 seminars we made a few friends but for the most part we did not get the turn out that we were hoping for.

Lessons Learned:

1.  Charge a price because it is not the price that draws the crowd.

2.  Make your seminar titles catchy.

3.  Make sure to plan well in advance to allow for proper promotion. A month was not enough promotion time in the end.

4.  Small business' will be a great help. Vitamin shops and health food stores bring more advertisement than papers.

Last but not least make sure to have a lot of product to sell. Back of the room sales will help to make your seminar a big success. If you have questions about how to get more product just ask.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

June 3rd Free Seminars

In Santa Clarita the Magi Institute of Hypnosis will be conducting a full day of free seminars. This is to allow the residents the opportunity to learn more about alternative healthcare as well as get our name out there as a local resource for residents. This will be the first time we have agreed to give it away and the first time that I have ever seen a company provide a full day of seminars on different subjects to the public. I have seen two hours seminars or short lectures from fellow hypnotists but never a full day. I will let you all know how it turns out.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hypnosis Organizations

Organizations are only as good as the people running them. If you want to really look at an organization look at its leaders. I was curious about the ABNLP because I have heard the stories about the leadership and the way that they run their organization. Tad James is a well known name among NLP circles and holds the trademark on Time-Line Therapy, I checked to make sure when I was doing research on my service mark submission. Talking to people Tad used to be a great instructor and was considered to be very effective as well as a smart marketer. Look at what he accomplished with the American Board of Hypnotherapy, American Board of NLP and the American Pacific University. I have heard and I do not know for certain that Matthew James had Tad and his wife escorted off the premises of the company that he built. Again this is just rumor but it appears that Matthew is now running the APU and Tad's old companies according to the websites.
If you have not heard of the American Pacific University it is based in HI and this is what it offers according to Doctor Matthew James:
Graduates receive a Bachelor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (BCH), a Doctorate of Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH), a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) of Clinical Hypnotherapy, a Doctor of Esoteric Studies (DES), or a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) of Esoteric Studies. Each program is different and designed to fill the needs particular to your chosen field.
From my understanding not one of these degrees is accredited and the titles are not recognized by any state that I am aware of. For the right amount of money maybe you can get your doctorate like some of these people without having to leave your house because these are distant learning programs. Maybe you can have your friends do the courses and you get a Doctorate of Clinical Hypnotherapy.
For fun I went to apply to the ABNLP to see what it would be like. I received my training from a Master Trainer that Tad personally certified. A master trainer is someone that is allowed to train people to be trainers themselves. My instructor used to work for Tad for several years and travel around certifying his trainers. The ABNLP informed me that they do not recognize my instructor anymore as an instructor so I could not join the organization. This is another example of how organizations are subject to the leaders and their traits. Disputes between people hurt the organization and its creditability.
The good news is that there are so many organizations these days that you can find one that meets your needs and personality. Each organization has its own personality and beliefs so check them all out. I am a member of a few of them and next year that will change. Lately I have experienced the truth that some organizations are only interested in your dues and other than that precious name you don't get anything else.
Mystically yours,
Doc Magi

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Scripts and Hypnosis

Scripts are great for learning some phrases to making suggestions but scripts are not as effective as you might believe. What does a script provide a Hypnotist? Does a script provide success to the client? What is it that the client really needs?

These are the questions you might want to ask yourself in your profession. They are really quite simple to answer in the end. Scripts provide a person a canned approach to hypnotherapy. It provides the client with a canned approach to their problem or positive suggestions to listen to. Every problem is not the same in the end and success is different for every client.

Take your prewritten scripts and throw them out the window unless you are just taking a couple sentences or ideas from them. If you want to really know what script is successful ask your client some great questions.

How will you feel when this has been resolved? How will you know you are successful? What will change in your life now that you have this resolved?

There are many more questions a good hypnotherapist should be asking each client. If the Hypnotist just asks what is wrong and then starts to read a script to you or starts to open up some script book then sit back and listen to the story or find someone that understands that success is not the same for everyone. Find yourself a Hypnotist that takes the time to find out what it is for you and then reap the benefits of great sessions.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Emotional Freedom Techniques

We have been doing a lot of experimenting with Emotional Freedom Techiques or EFT for the past month now. At first sceptic would be an understatement to watching and reading the DVD's and manual. Then we did our first test which was a good one. Mardee suffers from extreme migraines so just out of fun she was just about ready to get sick from a migraine coming on and she tested it. The migraine did not appear and just seemed to vanish. Now take in mind that these are not headaches nor are they something that only happens every once in a while. These are medical diagnosed migraines in which she has to take a special medication that is put under her tongue in order to increase blood vessels and allow her to releave the migraine in an hour. Lately she has been having these every day for some time and they were getting worse so when this took away the pain and suffering we paid attention. We have also tested it on several different negative emotions and and PMS. The end result is that it works and you do not have to believe it. I have heard several people badmouth EFT and make fun of it but in the end any tool that can relieve a client of migraines or distress is a positive tool for me and my practice.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Success as a Hypnotherapist

When it comes to being a successful hypnotist what would you consider to be the most important thing to learn?  I have watched several good hypnotist make it through fantastic training and they get good results but they do not make it as a Hypnotherapist or in business. If you are able to get 100% success with your clients will you make it?  A big part of being a successful hypnotist is being able to market your product. Asking for referrals from successful clients is something I have noticed that a lot of hypnotist are not doing. Word of mouth is the best advertising but for some reason a lot of people are not taking advantage of it. Make sure to ask you clients for advertising and referals. Make sure to be able to discuss hypnotism at any time and wear things that lead people to ask about hypnosis. Buttons, name badges or anything that might start a conversation on hypnosis is a good idea. Advertising is expensive so look for alternative ways to advertise yourself and your product. Press Releases are free and an easy thing to do. Write articles for newspapers and get out and let people know what you are doing. Do not be timid from the medical field because they like what you are doing as well.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Learn Hypnosis

Become a Certified Hypnotist
 from the
International Hypnosis Federation 
Have you ever wanted to learn Hypnosis?
We offer the following Certification Programs:
Certified Hypnotist*
Certified Master Hypnotist*
Certified Hypnotherapist*
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist*
*50 hours approved for CE's by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Registered Nursing Association, Acupuncture Board and Hypnosis Organizations. Home study hours are required for certification in some cases.

Certification programs are structured for Therapists, Life Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Healers, Spiritual Counselors and for personal research; anyone wanting to learn Hypnosis and Body, Mind, Spirit Integration.

Course 1: Hypnotism Training: 
Certified Hypnotist (CH)
Learn the fundamentals of hypnosis. What hypnosis is and how you can use it for yourself, and others. Includes how to run a successful hypnosis practice. Hands-on-practice. How to hypnotize anyone. Prerequisite: None

Course 2: Professional Hypnotism: 
Certified Master Hypnotist (CMH)
Fine tune inductions and catatonic trance states. Healing hypnosis, energy balancing, dominant sense hypnotherapy, NLP, hypnosis with children. Prerequisite: Course 1

Course 3: Professional Hypnotherapist:
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt)
Rapid and non-verbal inductions, reframing and reprogramming techniques. Deal with limiting habits and behavior including fears, compulsions, co-dependency. Hypnosis for athletes.
Prerequisite: Course 2

Course 4: Clinical Hypnotherapist: 
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHt)
Improve your skills. Reprogramming, sexual issues, eating disorders. Advanced ideomotor techniques, gestalt, NLP, comprehensive regression strategies, holotropic and rebirthing breath work, pain control and Ericksonian techniques. Trace issues to their source, reframe emotions and actualize full potentials.
Prerequisite: Course 3

All programs include 1 year membership into the International Hypnosis Federation to include:

Prestigious Certificate
Diploma Issued by the IHF
Membership Pin
Quarterly Newsletter
Free Referrals with listing on the IHF Website
Ability to network and continue your education at monthly meetings
Online Forum for Networking w/Professionals
Opportunity for Liability Insurance through Lloyds of London
Opportunity for discounted Credit Card Processing w/Free Machine


Class Schedules for Valencia, California

Courses are $700.00 per 50 hour Certification Class
Jan 30th to Feb 4th (Monday-Friday) - ($600.00 if paid by Jan 5th)
Mar 6th to 10th (Monday-Friday) - ($600.00 if paid by Feb 10th)
Apr 10th - 14th (Monday-Friday) - ($600.00 if paid by March 20th)
May 8th to 12th (Monday-Friday) - ($600.00 if paid by April 20th)
June 12th to 16th (Monday-Friday) - ($600.00 if paid by May 20th)
July 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th (4 Sat) - ($600.00 if paid by June 20th)
Sep 11th to 15th (Monday-Friday) - ($600.00 if paid by August 20th)
Oct 9th to 13th (Monday-Friday) - ($600.00 if paid by Sep 20th)
Nov 13th to 17th (Monday-Friday) - ($600.00 if paid by Oct 20th)
Mystically yours,

Doc Magi
Hypnosis is a non-licensed alternative healthcare in CA. Doc Magi Productions, Inc with Michael Holt CCHt, CHtI is a Fully Certified Alternative Healthcare Provider/IHF Certified Training School but not licensed by the state of CA.
Certifications Include:
NGH Clinical Hypnotherapist
IMDHA Hypnotherapist
IHF Certified Hypnosis Instructor/School
Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training CCHt
Spiral Visions, Inc Neuro-Linguistic Programming


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Monday, November 28, 2005

IHF Certifed School

We have received our certification as an IHF Certified School offering courses in Basic Hypnosis up to becoming a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  We also offer CE credits of 50 hours for each course to medical personnel.  I am very excited about this new step for our company.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Success versus Failure

So many times I have clients as me if there is a guarentee with my hypnosis.  I have thought about this long and hard and I have tried it with both.  What I have found is that a guarantee actually works against the client in the end.  A guarentee can actually provide the client with a reason to not be sucessful because they can get their money back or start all over again.  For this reason their is no guarentee with hypnosis.  The other factor is that the majority of the success is in the clients hands and not the hypnotist no matter what some may tell you. 

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Self Hypnosis vs Guided Meditation

So many times I hear people say I practiced meditation but all I did was go to sleep or found it to be a waste of time.  Lets be honest here - most people do not reach nirvana or an enlightened state during meditation unless they have spent years doing it and at some point they were probably forced to do it.  I remember during my martial arts training we started every class and lesson with 15 minutes of meditation.  Now let me be honest ceremony or not this time I would have never taken on my own if I was not told I had to do it prior to learning something new that I wanted to learn.  Because of all of this time spend sitting and meditating though I was able to achieve a floating state where it felt like my body was actually floating off the ground.  This also shocked me because I remember doing a little freaking out and breaking the state to feel if I was still sitting on the floor.  So you want to learn self hypnosis and you want to learn how to relax.  I believe the the biggest problem with someone learning to meditate or self hypno is that they get lost.  For that reason I really suggest that one learns a couple guided meditations and learns some things that will assist them in discovering the answers and truths.  I like to use the bio-feedback device with them so they can actually hear themselves relax and it assists them in going deep.  Then I instruct them on timeline or some other tool that will allow them to travel and get rid of old issues and create new positive traits.  After all the purpose of the trip is to grow and accomplish more than falling asleep.  So the next time you think about teaching self-hypnosis how about teaching guided imagery and teach your clients how to meditate with a purpose.  If you need a bio-feedback device just give me a shout and I can provide you one really cheap.  You can also include them in your program for your clients. Just a couple thoughts from a company that cares.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

Doc Magi Productions, Inc

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Truth in Advertising

Stop Smoking with hypnosis!!

Loose weight with hypnosis!!!

The two sayings above are very common with Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist all over the world.  I have had the pleasure of reading quite a few claims on what hypnotism will cure lately and I have seen some people that make claims that in my view are wrong.

Can hypnotism stop you from smoking?  As a professional hypnotherapist I am supposed to tell you yes it can.  As a moral person which can at times get in the way of success I have to say that no hypnotism is not going to stop you from smoking if you want to smoke.  Hypnotism will not make you do something that you don't want to do.  This gives us another challenge then what if the client does not want to truely quit smoking?  Will hypnosis work then?  Sometimes it might because of the belief that hypnosis is so powerful that it forced the client to quit or provided them with a reason to quit.  In my opinion if the client does not want to quit smoking in the first place all I am doing is taking their money and allowing them to pretend that they tried to quit.  Notice the word tried already implies failure on both of our parts.  I do not try to do anything because I want to succeed, especially with the client.  In the end it is not me though that is the key to success it is the client that holds all the cards.

So what about all these claims that you can attend a traveling hypnotist's program for anywhere from $50 to $250 dollars and in 4 to 8 hours you will stop smoking or loose weight and it is guarenteed.  Well first let me say I have not heard of one person that was successful with these programs and the other thing is that I have never heard of a refund given either.  You can of course attend another session next time they come through town or get a certificate for some seminar.  If you want to loose weight, stop smoking and you are serious about it then go to a hypnotist that resides there.  Don't expect a money back guarentee either because honestly that guarentee could be that little incentive for you to fail in the end.  Remember that the hypnotist must provide you with positive tools to achieve your goal and if you are looking for ways to fail then don't bother going.  A refund is already a way to fail in my opinion because it is not that the hypnotist is not willing to provide one but to state that something is guarenteed and you get your money back is a negative reinforcement.  You need to understand that once you start the program there is no turning back.  You want to succeed and that is the only focus you should have.  If you concentrate on failure you will fail.  If you wonder if something will not work it will not work. 

For my peers that like to just take peoples money and pretend that they are providing a valuable service I say shame on you.  You can pretend that you have a valuable service but in the end we all know that you are a con artist.  I do appreciate what you do though because when you leave people look for a real hypnotherapist and my business climbs. 

For those that have already attended one of these seminars do not let the poor examples of hypnosis and hypnotherapy deter you.  Look for a hypnotherapist in your area and allow a properly trained and concerned hypnotist the chance to really help you.  After all you do deserve the right to succeed in getting what you want.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

BioFeedback and Hypnosis

What is the connection between BioFeedback and Hypnosis some might ask. Well it is really quite simple to connect them. In BioFeedback you use an electronic device to measure the amount of relaxation the client or you are achieving. In hypnosis we want to aquire that relaxed state for our sessions so in order to show the client and the Hypnotist that they are reaching a deeper state of relaxation you can use a BioFeedback device. I currently use a GSR2 XTemp device that allows me to measure the stress levels of the client in a couple different ways. It has remote leads that I can attach to fingers or toes if I want and it can be heard or seen depending on how I want to use it. I like the leads and the visual meter because I can monitor the client pretty accurately if I need to. It has another lead which measures temp if I desire but I have not used that function yet because I like the galvanic skin resistance measurements better. Maybe I just lost you a little. See our body reacts to stress and tension in little ways that can be measured through your skin in what scientists call galvanic skin resistance.

This galvanic skin resistance, or GSR, is a reflection of variations in your sweat gland activity and pore size, both of which are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. When you become excited, frightened or disturbed to any degree, the system activates chemical and physical changes all through your body. Your GSR level also changes.

Your skin resistance increases when you are calm and relaxed. When you tense up even slightly, your skin resistence decreases. The GSR2 monitor allows me and the client to visually see these changes and to assist us in really reaching a deep state of relaxation for our hypnosis sessions. Sometimes it is just nice to see that changes are taking effect for the client and myself right then.

In BioFeedback they use relaxation techniques to reduce stress and to allow the client to make changes. In hypnosis we call this technique old slow as in it bores the client into relaxation by going through every part of the body and telling the client to relax and allow the tension to leave and just concentrate on your breathing. This is still an effective process even for hypnotist but some of us have used what we call a modified old slow or a quicker relaxation technique. The problem sometimes is that the hypnotist really does not know if this technique actually got the results that they were looking for. BioFeedback can assist you in identifying how successful a technique is in the end. The other thing it will assist is it allows the client to take more control in effecting the meter and they can see the change happening.

Anyway I believe the question was is Hypnosis and BioFeedback related in some way. The answer is yes it has to be related in a way. Can a BioFeedback help a Hypnotist in their profession - I believe the answer would be yes as well.

Remember we are in total control of our bodies if we want to accept that control. Every thought and every feeling has a physical response so make sure to have positive ones that provide us with positive responses and growth. If you have something bothering you then take the time and do something about it. If you keep going down a road that you do not want to travel then stop yourself and choose a different road. Take the time to become aware of the little things in your life and take off the auto pilot and start to enjoy the fact that you are a wonderful person full of many talents and gifts. Start to use them today and discover what life is really like.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Why is Hypnosis better for Weight Loss

Out of all the programs for weight loss how come hypnosis works better?  The answer really is simple.  Most weight loss programs deal with food consumption and not the real reason for the weight loss.  They tell you the same thing eat less and loose weight.  I can tell you first hand that if it was that simple why is it that so many people have an issue with weight. It is not that simple in the end.  We all have our own reasons and hypnosis helps you to identify and resolve these areas.  True you do need to look at what you eat but you also need to look at why you eat and when you eat as well as why do you want to loose the weight.  If it is not a good reason why loose it in the first place. In the end Hypnosis is more than just comming into an office and having a hypnotist have you relax and tell you that you are going to loose weight.  You have to want to and you have to believe that you can. They  have to talk to you and you have to realize what it is that you need to do to become successful. If you ever have questions just email me at or visit my website at and I will always be happy to help answer your questions.  After all you have to like and understand what it is that is going to happen in order for it to work.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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Hypnosis for Seniors

I have been getting asked if Hypnosis can work for seniors.  My answer is YES it can really improve the quality of life for Seniors.  First of all take a couple things into consideration.  When we get older sometimes we feel like we are forgetting things more often.  Hypnosis can assist in improving memory.  The other factor is during our later years things seem to change more than we like sometimes.  Change causes stress in a lot of people and we all know that Hypnosis can help in lowering stress.  There are many other areas that can assist like improving sleep, sports enhancement and increasing self confidence.  Some other great areas are taking self hypnosis classes now that they have a little more time.  Hypnosis is a great solution at a more than reasonable price in today's time for anyone.  So next time you are wondering what it is that Hypnosis can assist take a big challenge and try to find an area that hypnosis can not help improve the way of life for someone.  In the end if all I do is make you feel better about something did I not improve your way of life.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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