Thursday, November 10, 2005

Success versus Failure

So many times I have clients as me if there is a guarentee with my hypnosis.  I have thought about this long and hard and I have tried it with both.  What I have found is that a guarantee actually works against the client in the end.  A guarentee can actually provide the client with a reason to not be sucessful because they can get their money back or start all over again.  For this reason their is no guarentee with hypnosis.  The other factor is that the majority of the success is in the clients hands and not the hypnotist no matter what some may tell you. 

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Doc Magi

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A guarantee could act as a reason for the client to fail. But surely it depends on the wording. I offer 2 guarantees. One goes with my $1000 phobia cure. The other is a Life-time Stop Smoking guarantee. In both cases what is offered is essentially conditional on the client using the techniques I've taught him or her.

Posted by Dr Bryan Knight  at 11/17/2005

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