Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Success as a Hypnotherapist

When it comes to being a successful hypnotist what would you consider to be the most important thing to learn?  I have watched several good hypnotist make it through fantastic training and they get good results but they do not make it as a Hypnotherapist or in business. If you are able to get 100% success with your clients will you make it?  A big part of being a successful hypnotist is being able to market your product. Asking for referrals from successful clients is something I have noticed that a lot of hypnotist are not doing. Word of mouth is the best advertising but for some reason a lot of people are not taking advantage of it. Make sure to ask you clients for advertising and referals. Make sure to be able to discuss hypnotism at any time and wear things that lead people to ask about hypnosis. Buttons, name badges or anything that might start a conversation on hypnosis is a good idea. Advertising is expensive so look for alternative ways to advertise yourself and your product. Press Releases are free and an easy thing to do. Write articles for newspapers and get out and let people know what you are doing. Do not be timid from the medical field because they like what you are doing as well.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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