Sunday, May 07, 2006

Scripts and Hypnosis

Scripts are great for learning some phrases to making suggestions but scripts are not as effective as you might believe. What does a script provide a Hypnotist? Does a script provide success to the client? What is it that the client really needs?

These are the questions you might want to ask yourself in your profession. They are really quite simple to answer in the end. Scripts provide a person a canned approach to hypnotherapy. It provides the client with a canned approach to their problem or positive suggestions to listen to. Every problem is not the same in the end and success is different for every client.

Take your prewritten scripts and throw them out the window unless you are just taking a couple sentences or ideas from them. If you want to really know what script is successful ask your client some great questions.

How will you feel when this has been resolved? How will you know you are successful? What will change in your life now that you have this resolved?

There are many more questions a good hypnotherapist should be asking each client. If the Hypnotist just asks what is wrong and then starts to read a script to you or starts to open up some script book then sit back and listen to the story or find someone that understands that success is not the same for everyone. Find yourself a Hypnotist that takes the time to find out what it is for you and then reap the benefits of great sessions.

Mystically yours,

Doc Magi

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