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Thursday, August 7, 2008

HypTalk dot Com - Spam & Scam

All Hypnosis web site owners should be aware of this spam campaign currently underway by HypTalk dot com (link not shown here on purpose). 

The email communication will try to get you to email your mailing list to promote their products as an affiliate partner.  The email says your site was reviewed and out of all the sites "yours was the best" (they say this to everyone). They use canned generic text with a macro that personalizes the message by adding your name into the text at various places. They may even have hired a third party company to do the spam campaign for them.

We know the campaign is bogus as they never visited our site (since we are promoting the exact same products) and they emailed us using our Domain Name Registrar listed email address (one that is not listed online anywhere within our web site).  Also they did not use their real email address in the "reply to" address but instead used a third party email address: g559aad@talktalk.net.  Most all spam email is done this way to keep the main domain name from being reported as a spammer.   

Shame on Victoria Gallagher and HypTalk.  Someone must have given them some bad advice to get them to go along with spamming fellow Hypnosis professionals in this way. If you know her maybe you can direct her to this post. 

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Two New Blogs


Two new blogs have been added and several have gone away due to inactivity.  I won't go on about that - just say "welcome" to the new people.  Feel free to look over their content once they get in to post. 

Be well,


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

AHA initiates Spam campaign

I couldn't believe it when I saw it arrive in my email inbox!  But there it was a "spam message" from the AHA - American Hypnosis Association.

They had obviously browsed Hypnosis related web sites and harvested the email addresses therein.  How else would they have sent their spam email to every one of our "online form" email addresses?  These email addresses are hidden from view of our visitors and are only used in the background by online forms to send submissions directly to us.  What a surprise to find these email addresses receiving spam messages from AHA. 

All of a sudden my whole view of the AHA has changed. 

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Background Music for Hypnosis

A collection of ambient music which is perfect for background relaxation, visualization, hypnosis tapes and CD's. This music includes the PERMANENT royalty fee for the purchaser to use it over and over again as the background music on their own professional cassettes or CDROMs.


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Thursday, January 11, 2007

250+ Scripts for Hypnosis

CD-ROM - Instant Download - 3-ring Binder ----- Perhaps the only book of scripts you will ever need for your practice! ----- A collection of scripts, inductions, techniques, deepeners, convincers, suggestions, relaxation exercises and therapies. ---- Includes session planning forms, diet worksheets, worksheets for pre-session interviews and inventory lists for pre-session planning.


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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hypnosis Videos

Whether you are a beginner or already a Hypnotist there is bound to be something here to further your learning. Study Hypnosis by watching these quality VHS and/or DVD recorded programs and live events.



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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone!

All the best in the new year.   

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Latest News

Hello all,

Today we cleaned up the HypnoBlog and removed some of the unused and un-updated Blogs.  We have had numerous requests to add new ones but we have been unable to keep up with getting them online.  So much to do and so little time...

I hope the new people are active and post relevant content - we look forward to their input. 

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


HypnoSites.net has been in the works for awhile and is now a reality.  Having had many requests to design and host Hypnosis Web Sites for Hypnosis Professionals we have created the HypnoSites.net web site. 

Working with our parent company TELEcomputers Services and our web hosting servers company TELEsites.net we are offering Hypnosis Professionals and businesses a place to get some Hypnosis understanding for their complete Internet Services needs.

We understand and know what it takes to create and make a Hypnosis Web Site happen.  Now we are willing to work with Hypnosis Pros to help make their Internet presence work.

Feel free to visit and we look forward to being of service.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Hypnosis Database

Visit www.HypnosisDatabase.com

The Hypnosis Online Listings - the largest listings of Hypnotists, Schools, and Guilds / Associations online. 

Now includes Stage Hypnotists too.

Listings are free!

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

What is it about Free?

What is it about something that is "free" that makes people want it but then not use it?  It just amazes me in human nature when you gift someone with something that they really don't appreciate it unless they actually paid you some money for it.  

In Hypnotherapy, we see this all the time in the free session.  You provide someone with a free session and it doesn't really have the same results as if they paid for it.  In fact, it is a reality that the more they pay, the more positive results we see from it.  People tend to give it priority and weight depending on "how much" it cost them.  Again and again, from the free audio program to the free full one-on-one session we tend to see non-results.  This is actually made worse by the fact that the recipient of the gift then goes about telling people that they tried Hypnosis and "it doesn't work." 

Now in the case of this HypnoBlog; here we have offered Hypnosis Professionals a "free" Blog online and over and over again we see the same kind of results.  The people who have taken the time to complete the online order form and request a "free" Blog have not shown up to make any posts.  Once a few weeks have passed and multiple reminder emails have been sent and gone unanswered - it becomes painfully obvious that they are not intending to use the service and so, we remove their Blog.  A real waste of our time setting it all up for them and a waste of theirs in completing the online form.  It is fairly obvious that we will soon have to start charging for the Blogs in order to weed out those who take it for granted, even if it is only to stop the waste of our own resources in setting them up and removing them. 

To those who have abused this free service I say; what a terrible slap in the face to ask us to set this up for you and then not respond to our emails and be non-responsive.  Unfortunately for those who come later, they will just have to pay for their Blog due to your inactivity.  

Now you would think that Hypnosis Professionals, more than any other group, being intimate with the whole "free" syndrome in their everyday work, would be more likely to not sign up for something that they might not use.  But here again we see that human nature, being what it is, even the dedicated therapist cannot escape abusing something they get for free. 

I guess there is a lesson in all this somewhere. 

As always, I invite your comments.

(HINT: Click on the "comments" link below to see comments left by others. You can also enter your own comments into the form at the bottom of that page.)

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Time Flys

When you’re having fun...

So many things to do and so little time.  OK, enough cliches... here is a quick catch up on changes to the HypnoBlog site. 

We are more than happy to set up a HypnoBlog for anyone in the Hypnosis Profession but please dont ask unless you are going to use it.  It is such a waste of time to set it all up and then see it never used.  This is part of the problem with offering any thing for free - people don't really appreciate it and since it is free they don't give it much thought.  Most likely we will switch over to some type of a paying set up, at some point in the future, just to cut down on the non-serious sign-ups.  If and when we do it won't be much money - just something to drive the non-serious people away.  Yes, money talks...   

What's up with Google Adwords these days? 

Has anyone else noticed how they have changed their keywords system so they can drive their prices higher.  Strange new "qualifying" system where they get to do all the qualifying and you don't even know what basis they use to judge the keywords.  A review of their web site just leads you around in circles if you try to find out more details about the process.  I don't know why they just don't say it like it is: They are changing the way they charge for bids on keywords to a more secretive process so they can drive the prices up any time they want.  I much prefer Overture (now called Yahoo Marketing) as they even show you who you are bidding against, what rank your ad will post in the order of the ads and several other things that Google just doesn't offer.  Wouldn't it be great if a lot of people stopped paying for Google ads within their new "secret" service and they had to change the way they are doing it?  Most likely that would be the only way to make them change to a more fair system. 

That is my rant for this month.  I will find someone new to pick on next time or maybe I will just bash them some more... time will tell.

As always I invite your comments - click on the comments link below to send them in. 

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Welcome to the Blogosphere

Here in the US of A the holiday weekend is upon us, signaling the beginning of summer weather for those of us in the Northeast and... we are finally finished tweaking the new Hypnosis Blogosphere.  How was that for a segue?

We have added a FAQs section that you may find of interest if you are new to blogging.  There are some things in there of a more advanced nature too, so feel free to look it over even if you are a blogger pro.    

A special thanks to everyone who helped out to make this Blogosphere a reality.  Take a look at our credits page for the low down on all that.   

I have automated the sign up form for new blog requests.  If you are a Hypnosis Professional, advanced or just starting out, I invite you to sign up and use the new HypnoBlog web site as your own.  You can find out more about that here.   

Have a great holiday weekend. 

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Latest on HypnoBlog

Today I created the infrastructure for HypnoBlog.com  

Looking to advance the documented side of Hypnosis using the Blog format.  Offering Hypnosis Professionals a community where they can post, comment, interact and publish their web logs.   

I will start by offering those actively involved within the HypnosisOnline.com forum a free Blog site.  Those who have really joined into the conversation and are actively posting would be the best candidates.  Others who may come in from the HypnosisOnline web site links I will most likely require a set up fee of some kind.  This should act to keep out the rift raft (highly technical term for those who abuse free things).  You will find the link to the sign-up form on the home page www.HypnoBlog.com

The great thing about this is that people can post thier own comments within their own Blog and then simply use links to point people to them within other forums and publications.  That and the fact that they can publish up to the many reader and indexing services that are now available for web logs.    

I have been toying with the idea of a yearly fee for the service but I am thinking instead to just keep a small section of the blog pages where we can run some ads for HypnosisOnline.com and it's sponsors.  I think this will be best in the long run and it will really get the project off the ground quickly. 

All of this automation is now possible with the powerful servers set up that we have through our web hosts TELEsites.net.  It also helps when you own the hosting company.  The software is an ASP program and the work of many people - see the credits page here.  

I found an excellent article on Blogs for those who want to know more about the technical side of things.  It is titled All About Blogs and RSS.  

Also I found this interesting article about being quoted as an authority by what you posted online somewhere.  It is a very interesting read: How to Know What's Being Said About You Online and Why You Need to Be Paranoid

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

What is a Blog

What is a Blog?

Blog is short for weblog.  Although the actual word weblog seems to me to be pretty short as it is, the Internet, in it's infinite wisdom, has taken to shorting it to Blog, we suppose this is to save space.  By whatever name you call it Blogging has become one of the fastest growing areas on the Internet today.  

One of the best things about blogging is that you can present ideas, concepts, situations or hypothetical ones about anything and then open it up to comments from your readers and visitors.  Often you may find that the comments offered by your readers will provide more value and insight into the topic.  Sometimes they prove you right or perhaps offer up an opinion in opposition, but either way it is a value added to your original blog post.

Another advantage of the Blog format is to have a place where you can post your in-depth articles and comments and then simply link back to them from other forums, newsgroups and online groups.  This makes posting into other areas a breeze as you can simply post links back to your supporting written words. 


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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Learn Self-Hypnosis with Hypnosis

Just relax and listen to the audio program - what could be easier?

Relax, Listen and Learn Self Hypnosis with Hypnosis
Instant Download MP3, CD-ROM or Audio Cassette


Warning: Very relaxing; do not listen while operating a vehicle.

An excellent program to teach you how to do self hypnosis by using relaxation therapy (also know as guided meditation).   Available on audio cassette | audio CDROM | MP3 download. 

What could be easier?  Just do as the title suggests; Relax, Listen to the soothing voice and accomplish your goal.  Listen to the soothing suggestive therapy in bed as you drift off to sleep or while relaxing in a comfortable chair.  

Relax and Listen at least once, everyday, for 20 days and learn self-hypnosis.  What could be easier.  Save shipping and media costs with our immediate MP3 download.

Click here for complete details and to order

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Friday, May 13, 2005


HypnoBlog is sponsored by HypnosisOnline.com  

Feel free to visit the web site and our active forum:  

HypnosisOnline.com Forum 

See our new Hypnosis networking forum at HypnosisOnline.net  

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