Thursday, August 7, 2008

HypTalk dot Com - Spam & Scam

All Hypnosis web site owners should be aware of this spam campaign currently underway by HypTalk dot com (link not shown here on purpose). 

The email communication will try to get you to email your mailing list to promote their products as an affiliate partner.  The email says your site was reviewed and out of all the sites "yours was the best" (they say this to everyone). They use canned generic text with a macro that personalizes the message by adding your name into the text at various places. They may even have hired a third party company to do the spam campaign for them.

We know the campaign is bogus as they never visited our site (since we are promoting the exact same products) and they emailed us using our Domain Name Registrar listed email address (one that is not listed online anywhere within our web site).  Also they did not use their real email address in the "reply to" address but instead used a third party email address:  Most all spam email is done this way to keep the main domain name from being reported as a spammer.   

Shame on Victoria Gallagher and HypTalk.  Someone must have given them some bad advice to get them to go along with spamming fellow Hypnosis professionals in this way. If you know her maybe you can direct her to this post. 

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