Saturday, September 3, 2005

What is it about Free?

What is it about something that is "free" that makes people want it but then not use it?  It just amazes me in human nature when you gift someone with something that they really don't appreciate it unless they actually paid you some money for it.  

In Hypnotherapy, we see this all the time in the free session.  You provide someone with a free session and it doesn't really have the same results as if they paid for it.  In fact, it is a reality that the more they pay, the more positive results we see from it.  People tend to give it priority and weight depending on "how much" it cost them.  Again and again, from the free audio program to the free full one-on-one session we tend to see non-results.  This is actually made worse by the fact that the recipient of the gift then goes about telling people that they tried Hypnosis and "it doesn't work." 

Now in the case of this HypnoBlog; here we have offered Hypnosis Professionals a "free" Blog online and over and over again we see the same kind of results.  The people who have taken the time to complete the online order form and request a "free" Blog have not shown up to make any posts.  Once a few weeks have passed and multiple reminder emails have been sent and gone unanswered - it becomes painfully obvious that they are not intending to use the service and so, we remove their Blog.  A real waste of our time setting it all up for them and a waste of theirs in completing the online form.  It is fairly obvious that we will soon have to start charging for the Blogs in order to weed out those who take it for granted, even if it is only to stop the waste of our own resources in setting them up and removing them. 

To those who have abused this free service I say; what a terrible slap in the face to ask us to set this up for you and then not respond to our emails and be non-responsive.  Unfortunately for those who come later, they will just have to pay for their Blog due to your inactivity.  

Now you would think that Hypnosis Professionals, more than any other group, being intimate with the whole "free" syndrome in their everyday work, would be more likely to not sign up for something that they might not use.  But here again we see that human nature, being what it is, even the dedicated therapist cannot escape abusing something they get for free. 

I guess there is a lesson in all this somewhere. 

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